Meet Crab Shack Regular
Clete Francis

Unlike the other members of the Crab Shack, Clete is not an actor.
Clete was actualy born in Camden County to an unnamed Mother and Father.
Clete is also known to have a bicycle, but aspires to get a Harley Davidson and
save gas by not riding in his Crab Shack buddies' trucks that only get 11mpg.
He shares a trailer in the Pimmit Hills trailer park in Camden with a couple other
locals who also share similar genetic material. Clete can fix most anything on wheels,
likes beer, and girls. He's also good at what he calls blue collar reiki and massage.
(Hence the occasional prefix of Doctor to his name, as in Doctor Clete.)
Sometimes, Clete sees Earl, Randy, Joy, Darnell and Catalina at the Crab Shack
where they all like to meet. Clete is also known to have visions.
He claims that there are camera men [with cameras] following people around Camden.
People like Earl Hickey. Trying to turn Earl's stupid life into some kind of a weird TV show,
for profit and exploitation. And to make fun of Camdenites. (No one knows for sure.)

Thank you for visiting with and learning about Clete Francis.
I hope you will take the time to meet the other Crab Shack Regulars.

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