Meet Crab Shack Regular
Larry Polson

There is more to Larry Polson than you could possibly imagine. Besides being one of
the original Crab Shack Regulars from the pilot, Larry is an Award Winning Composer,
Musician and Musical Director for many many Television shows. Over the years, you
have heard his music and never known it. Larry has also been in numerous television
commercials and has Guest Starred on too many shows to mention!

Larry Polson lost his battle with cancer Thursday January 26, 2012
Larry will be missed by all who new him! He will live forever in our thoughts & reruns.
Rest In Peace Larry. From all of us in the Crab Shack... Rest In Peace.

Thank you for visiting with and learning about Larry Polson.
I hope you will take the time to meet the other Crab Shack Regulars.

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