Meet Crab Shack Regular
Moss Mossberg

Moss Mossberg was killed in a motorcycle accident on 07/07/07.
Moss was a "Crab Shack Regular" since the first season. He was a good friend
to everyone who ever met him. He would either drive his OLD Mercury pickup truck that
was in MINT condition, or his fire engine red Harley Davidson motorcycle to the set.
His Harley and my GoldWing were the only bikes in the parking lot for My Name Is Earl.
I didn't care that he rode a Harley, and he didn't care that I rode a GoldWing.
We always said one day we should go on a ride together, but that day never came.
We will all miss him on the set, and I will always think of the ride we never took.
Ride on forever my friend!

Mike Cochrane (07/27/2007)

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