Meet Crab Shack Waitress
Samantha Larsen

Samantha Larsen is a true professional in every way. Besides being the waitress on
"My Name Is Earl", she is an accomplished standup comedian. Samantha is a regular
at the world famous Hollywood Improv on Melrose, and the Comedy Store on Sunset.
In fact, if you live in LA, or anywhere on the West Coast, you can probably find Sammy
performing in your neck of the woods. Samantha can be seen in Indie films / shorts, and
studied Improv for 5 years with Chicago's Second City Improv Group.
When she is not acting or doing standup, you will probably find her writing, or doing Yoga.

To see Samantha's clip from My Name Is Earl Click Here


For more information about Samantha, and to find her up to date standup schedule,
Visit her MySpace Page:

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